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Today I want to share my views on the question everyone has in their mind “why do I suffer being good”. This article is my inspiration from Bhagavat Gita. Many of us would have read it. But knowingly or unknowingly we do not understand the truth in the scriptures.  

We have many questions about our sufferings in life.

Why do I Suffer?

What sin I have committed?

Why people with bad intensions alone don’t suffer?

Why my suffering gets repeated?

Is there any God?

If God is there, why HE not helps me?

This article may throw light on the answers we all are searching. I hope it is helpful for you to make some changes or corrections in your life.

What is a religion according to me?

Definitions of religion as in oxford dictionary:

“The belief in a god or gods and the activities connected with this”

“One of the systems of beliefs that is based on a belief in a god or gods”.

You may be a follower of any religion. You may even be an atheist. But I want to share my objective truth on religion. If you think how religion would have originated, it may be to create a fear among mankind, so that they would lead a righteous life. In our infancy, we are pure in heart. As time passes, experiencing the worldly things we get attached to it.   

Our scripture holds all wisdom we need in our life. We can find our answers when we understand them deeply and get connected with our inner conscious. The scripture teaches us the way of life. It teaches how to treat the nature and fellow creatures around us. But we following different religion and reading different scriptures we are divided among ourselves. It’s not the scriptures which are dividing us.

Religion is just a medium to attain wisdom which you can prefer. Do get attached to it so much to govern you.

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My knowledge from various religious books

Bhagavat Gita – Karma – You’re good and bad actions decides your life

Bible – Love one another as you love yourself

Quran – Your name is written on the each rice you consume

I love these quote from various religious scriptures and love to follow them in my day to day life. We need to take what is good for you from them. Leave the rest and be human in your life. In short “Live and let Live”. Today’s mantra has changed like we can live only on the downfall of others.

A short note about Bhagavad Gita

The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita often referred to as the Gita, It consist of 700-verse of 18 chapters of Hindu scripture which is part of the epic “Mahabhratha”. It is considered to  be the Holy Scriptures for Hinduism.

The essence of Bhagavad Gita can be well understood by knowing its five main topics – Isvara (God), Jiva (living entity), Prakriti (Material Nature), Kala (time) and Karma (Action).

Why Bhagavad Gita is so important?

It deals with the pathways to wisdom and with humanity’s relationship to the ultimate Reality. It is an essential spiritual text because it establishes a person’s right to question everything. Its approach is a dialog between a symbolical human named Arjuna, and the Reality, symbolized in this text as Sri Krishna.

The Gita has three major themes: knowledge, action, and love. A question may arise in your mind why I talk of Gita and give you these information’s. My inspiration of today’s article is Gita. So I want share some introduction of it for others knowledge who are not aware of Gita.  

Why good souls always suffer.

In this world there are two type of intentions Good and Bad. All of us fall in any of these two. Knowledge and the efficiency is what we acquire in life out of education and experience. There are many debates whether education or experience is mightier. Let’s discuss about this in our future articles.

Let’s imagine you have bad intentions with knowledge and efficiency. What would be the result? You will be notorious, harmful, criminal etc to the world. By wrong action he/she can even rule the world and can reach great heights. We need not worry about them. Let the karma of them decide their life.

Secondly imagine you have good intentions without knowledge or efficiency. Now here comes the answer for the question of this article. It is not by good intentions you suffer, it is because of lack of knowledge you suffer.

The second category people always blame others and feel that they are the only one who suffers in this whole world, without even understanding the reality. I don’t say all fall in this category. Persons in this category some time using their knowledge will get the right thing. That time they feel they are blessed by God, because of their past karma.

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How to overcome your suffering

Let’s come to the solution. Hope you have guessed what good souls miss for they have to suffer. The answer is “knowledge and wisdom”. And whether you get it from education or experience does not matter. What matters most is learning that knowledge? Learning alone is not sufficient; you need to know how effectively you apply the same in your life.

Now let’s learn how to apply our knowledge. Imagine the world as jungle. You have herbivores animals, carnivorous animals, birds and insects. All have their own characteristics which don’t change on situation. The brilliant creature is the human with his brains. We have the ability of our characteristics on situation.  When need to learn the characteristics of the animals, birds, insects hidden in humans by your knowledge. If we learn you will be able to overcome you suffering. You also need apply your knowledge acquired to read people and learn from our mistakes or betrayal.

By seeing an animal you are able to understand its characteristics likewise you need to learn the human characteristics be dealing with them if you are not able to understand that. At the end of the day you will face the sufferings. You many not learn people characteristics in a day it may take some time but mastering them should be your commitment.

Now I ask you the question tell me who is responsible for not applying the knowledge. Don’t you think it is YOU?

Yes its WE. With your knowledge acquired if you learn people, learn situation, and learn how to react to things you can overcome suffering. It does not comes easily you have train yourself for it. Once you master the art you will never suffer in life. You will never blame others for your mistakes. You will feel life as boon not a curse.

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Why a Good intention person unable to overpower the Bad intention person

The answer for this question would be the fear. It is because of the inferiority complex which they develop over time. That is the advantage of Bad intention person. Both persons will be able to read each other. Only the Bad intention guy can face the situation without fear. So first overcome your fear and be brave to face any situation or person.

Once you are able to express, avoid or manage the bad intentions person, you also will be victorious in life. You need not feel jealous of them or worry about your situation or blame God for giving you such a life.

It’s not God or nature; you have the power to gain knowledge. With the help of your knowledge lead a righteous life being human and alert at all time. If you are alert no one can cheat you easily.

I am talking knowledge in my article for long time. These are easily available in the spiritual books. We are just divided from reading and understanding them. Since we are divided fighting on the religions, people with bad intentions use it against us to be successful on what they want.

Learning from my life experience

In my life, I had faced many up’s and downs situations. I had always felt it is a curse and it can’t be changed. No one gave me an answer. But all around me had this question. I started learning people characteristics and remember one thing; no one can stop us from learning or acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Let’s have zeal to acquire knowledge.  Let’s face our suffering with good heart and apply our knowledge to solve it. Also help others and enlighten them with our knowledge acquired.

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To Summarize my Article:

Use your acquired knowledge as no one else be a substitute for you. It is like if you are hungry you only have to eat no one else can for you. Even Buddha says “attachment to this world is the root cause for all your problems and suffering in life”. I want to say if you attain the wisdom, you will learn to leave your attachment you can win over your sufferings. And learning people’s characteristic is an art. Try to master it.


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