Introduction to Agri tourism

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In a working farm where someone can experience farm life or finding creative ways to connect tourists with agriculture operations,  agritourism is an industry that’s is gaining lots of attention today. In this article, we’ll walk you through what agritourism is, and different ideas you can use to connect businesses with agriculture.In this blog we will talk about 6 things.

The concept of agritourism

Agritourism is a way of holiday that is spent on farms. The term agritourism is understood differently by tourists and providers of travel services. For a tourist, agritourism means familiarizing oneself with agricultural production or recreation in the agricultural environment or it may include an opportunity to help with farming tasks during the visit.

However, this definition does not fully render what the term agritourism means to people providing travel services. In fact, agritourism is a term introduced by the agriculture enthusiast representing the interests of farms providing travel services. This resulted in a considerable extension of the term to all activities related to providing services for tourists and holidaymakers.

Therefore the travel service provider include in the term agritourism various forms of the accommodation industry. There are no reasons why agritourism and rural tourism should not be distinguished.

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There are three main features that differentiate agritourism from other conventional tourism. The first feature is that to satisfy human need with practical involvement in the process of food production, in the life of a rural family and in a rural community.

The second characteristic quality of agritourism relating to conventional tourism is that humans also want learn things to visit a destination to understand the culture and way of life .

The third feature of agritourism is to satisfy emotional needs, to get to diest contact with domestic animals and see have the food is value added in a organic way and experience the silence, sounds and the atmosphere of the farm. Commonly three agritourism functions are: socio-psychological; economic; natural and environmental.

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Definition of Agri Tourism

Agri-tourism or Agro Tourism refers to people visiting working farms or other agricultural operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or other active involvement. .It gives a wide variety of activities for the travelers to enjoy and experience and provides a means for farmers to diversify and supplement their income.

Regardless of the exact definition or terminology, any definition of agritourism should include the following four factors:

• Agri Tourism is combination of Agriculture and tourism

• Agri tourism attracts travelers and public to visit agricultural operations

• Agri Tourism helps in increasing the farm income

• Agri Toruism provides recreation, entertainment, and/or educational experiences to visitors.

The term “agritourism” is called in various terms  “agrotourism,” “farm tourism,” “agricultural tourism,” or “agritainment.”

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What are the importance of Agri Tourism

 Agritourism presents a unique opportunity to combine aspects of the tourism and agriculture industries to provide a number of financial, educational, and social benefits to tourists, producers, and communities.

Agritourism gives producers an opportunity to generate additional income and an avenue for direct marketing to consumers. 

By providing tours, experiences, and education around agriculture, farms can create a more direct connection with customers and create something truly unique for travelers.

It enhances the tourism industry by increasing the volume of visitors to an area and the length of their stay. 

Agritourism also provides communities with the potential to increase their local tax bases and new employment opportunities. 

Additionally, agritourism provides educational opportunities to the public, helps to preserve agricultural lands, and allows states to develop business enterprises.

Through agritourism, farms can also preserve their lands, and the state can help develop business enterprises around it for the betterment of the area and the public.

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The Different Types of Agri tourism

Direct Marketing 

  • Farmers markets – Giving an opportunity to sell the farmers produce direct to consumers y arranging famers market.
  • Handcrafted products – The famers can arrange sale of handicraft products made by the materials within farm  and educate on recycling of the waste materials.
  • Farm promotional items(shirts,mugs,etc.) – Farmers sell can do some promotions items for the branding of the farm and spread the word of mouth
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Activities And ExperienceS

  • U-pick produce – We can offer the traveler an activity to cultivate the produce on their own hands toget an experience of the same.
  • School tours – We can promote the schools and colleges and conduct tours to farms so that it will be educational for them to learn from the farm
  • Garden tours – Here the make the travelers learn the gardening tips they need to learn.
  • Animal farm or petting zoo o attract – For the kids the farmers can create a area with domestic animals
  • Crafting classes – As we discussed how the farmers sell the handicraft products. They can teach the farmers in making them so it will educations for the traveler.
  • Farm work experience – Making the travelers experience the live farm activities like planting trees or swing seeds etc.

We can have as many activities we want depending on the farm have to offer.

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Recreation and Event

  • Music event
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Bicycle trails
  • Boating
  • Wilderness experiences
  • Weddings
  • Corporate, or other retreats
  • Food contests

Above are the various events ideas which can be suggested on the farm to attract the travelers. We can bring in more ideas which are interesting and worth time spending. Also we can think of ideas that can remove their stress and give them some relaxation and feel overwhelmed.  

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Need for Agri Tourism

Nature is gives opportunity to learn without any restrictions. If we observe nature we can see the hidden treasures in each and every thing we see. In a country where an majority of population is depending on agriculture people would get to know more information from it. Day by day the urban areas are increasing and the urban children are able to see the nature only on television.

As they are must restricted to closed buildings, video games junk foods, internet that spoils them both physically and mentally. Now a days people have stopped visiting their relative residing in rural areas due lask of infrastructure and comfortable ambience in cities.

Today agriculture has become a costly affair so any farmers leave their lands and migrate to other industries. Because of that fertile lands are turning barren and farmers losing employment. There is  major need for farmers to start agriculture so organic farming will be promoted and urban population know the importance of agriculture too.

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Evolution and Development of Agri Tourism

  • The term agro-tourism emerged in the late twentieth century. This concept was initiated and developed in Europe and North America, then developed in many countries.
  • In India it was initiated in 2005 at Malegaon village, near Baramati, Maharashtra by Agri Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC).
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Agritourism as a Business

Anyone who want to start with agri toruism should look at the venture as a business.  We need to answer three question to ourselves  “What type of agritourism business we want to start with and what we want from (1) additional income, (2) make profit or (3) provide educational fun and enjoyment to others without making a profit?

Supplementing cash flow during lean months can help agricultural owners meet the demand of staff and keep competent workers year-round.

Ventures expecting to make a profit must make sure that expenses are less than the income generated and that those profits are sufficient to satisfy the supplemental income needs of the owner and still allow for reinvestment money to expand or upgrade the venture for continued growth.

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Ventures that provide fun and enjoyment to others without making a profit still require capital to operate and must have the cash flow to continue operation even though their mission is not to make a profit. Few people have the money to operate entirely for free. The difference in the third one is that the agenda and purpose is more that the profit.

In short your purpose of Agri tousim has to be set first.


In the blog we have seen the complete information about Agri Toruism and helps us to understand basics of Agri tourism. Before starting your journey of agri touism center understand your purpose which is the most important one which gives you direction and make your business profitable

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