Interior Designers Should Use These 12 Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Strategies For Interior Designers

Interior design has always been an in-demand profession. For decades, interior design businesses have thrived on the strength of referrals. However, you can only expand your small business so far through word-of-mouth, right?

You could adapt to broader marketing strategies and reach clients you never expected. Evidently, the year 2020 permanently transformed the world into the digital age. Now, in the year 2022, everyone relies on social media, emails, and blog posts for purchasing information and recommendations.

Interior designers particularly benefit from digital marketing. You can create and upload short videos or presentations to attract clients. Some of them may not be prospective clients seeking you. When they discover your design ideas, however, they may realise they need a redesign from the best interior design firm in the industry.

It is preferable that we share several digital marketing strategies in depth so that you can expand the reach of your interior design business. Let’s take a look at the top 12 digital marketing strategies for interior design that you can implement.

Find a good design mentor who can assist you with digital marketing

You have already mastered a field that you enjoy as an interior designer. As a result, learning internet marketing for your design services may appear to be a difficult task. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is your best friend in these age of technological innovation. Don’t dismiss it. However, not all digital marketing strategies are applicable to interior design.

As a result, we recommend that you choose a mentor; someone who has the experience to back up their knowledge. When it comes to developing a marketing strategy for your interior design business, having a competent mentor can make all the difference. They can assist you in focusing on your target audience and maximising the effectiveness of digital marketing to generate the most leads.

Produce Stunning Videos of Your Interior Design Concepts

A strong video presentation will entice the majority of today’s clients. A video can convey a lot of information.
You can put your portfolio on display.
Demonstrate your interior design expertise as well as your successes.
Use psychological clues to entice new customers to your company.
Showcase testimonials from previous customers.
Share design templates with potential consumers to help them visualise your interior design ideas in their own house or office.
The majority of your new clients are currently hunting for amazing design ideas on the internet. Take advantage of the market with engaging videos to attract new clients to your interior design firm.

Take advantage of Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a revolutionary social media platform for everyone with a creative streak. Top ideas from all areas of life are featured on Pinterest boards. Use this fantastic software to promote your interior design services to a large number of potential customers.

Here’s how to utilise Pinterest to promote your interior design business:

  • Make a Pinterest account; it’s quite simple to do.
  • Then start pinning images of your interior design inspiration to your Pinterest board.
  • Use descriptive names for your images so that potential buyers may locate them when looking for design services.
  • It’s a good idea to include high-definition photos so that clients can see every detail of your design plan.
  • You can use designs in a variety of styles and patterns. You’ll be able to approach new clients with a variety of interests this way.

Showcase a variety of design concepts

Our objective as interior designers is to give our clients exactly what they want. Some customers prefer rustic patterns and hues, while others choose simple and modern designs. Is one, however, truly superior than the other?

We don’t believe so! Every client has personal preferences that help them relax and feel at ease. As interior designers, we must demonstrate that we fully comprehend their sense of style and that we can modify our designs to their preferences.

You may easily demonstrate your adoption of various styles and patterns via digital marketing before speaking with potential clients. You can improve your interior design marketing methods to show off the entire range of design services your small firm provides.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methodologies

When it comes to interior design marketing tactics, this is likely one of the most crucial digital marketing advice.

The internet is a whirlwind of information, ideas, and enterprises, all of which are basically based on the same principles. So, amid this swirl of digital design services, how can you reach your target audience?

It’s straightforward. You may utilise search engine optimization to get your small business to the top of Google’s, social media platforms’, and other digital marketing channels’ search results. Use SEO services to uncover keywords and phrases that your target viewers are likely to type into a search engine. Then use these keywords and phrases in things like blogging, content marketing, interior design marketing materials, social media posts, and so on.

Create backlinks to your website or social media platform to direct potential clients there

As you may be aware, this generation is as devoted to computers and telephones as Joey Tribbiani was to food. Apart from viewing cat videos and cookery shows, they do a lot on the internet. They use these devices to conduct research, read product and service evaluations, and come up with new and improved home décor ideas, among other things.

As an interior designer, you have complete control over this information exchange phenomenon. You should begin by researching various content marketing websites and channels. They disseminate information through listicles, articles, and blogging, among other methods. They have a sizable target audience, yet their information is sometimes obsolete.

Simply strategize with them and offer to update material on their platforms in exchange for a backlink and a digital business card on your website or web page. Your website’s traffic will considerably increase as a result of this. Potential clients will get a notion of your design services after seeing your page or site. They can contact you directly using the information on your business card, or they can visit your website to discuss their design demands.

Collaborate with social media influencers

If you want to reach a larger number of potential clients, specify who you want to serve as a target audience. Then look for influencers who use properly designed social media postings to target the group. These influencers have a lot of experience and know how to leave a lasting impression on their fans. They serve as virtual referrals for potential customers.

Discuss your interior design firm’s policies, the design services you provide, and your design industry ambitions. These influencers will then use their own digital marketing approach to develop content that will help your brand.

They may build a strong post using a successful blend of graphic design, hashtags, service narrative, and your business card. Don’t worry, they’re in charge of distribution as well. They’ll spread the word about your design services across all of their social media networks, bringing in new clients. If their posts pique the interest of potential clients, they will spread them on social media. In some ways, it’s similar to the word-of-mouth scenario we discussed before. Except this time, word of mouth reached a much broader target group than you had planned. Your list of potential clients will be considerably broader than you think thanks to the wonders of internet marketing.

Use LinkedIn to build a valuable network

Your LinkedIn network is a valuable resource for connecting with industry professionals and influencers. These individuals can not only assist you as contacts, but they also have a sizable following within your target audience. You can develop a digital marketing strategy for your interior design company and share it with your LinkedIn connections. They will then pass it on to their contacts.

LinkedIn influencers, like social media influencers, can help your small business gain traction. Because the LinkedIn networking site is dedicated to connecting professionals, their recommendations are much more valuable. Once your websites assist you in spreading the news about your small business, you will notice a compounded growth in visitors.

Understand how to form strategic alliances with well-known brands.

Partnerships aren’t always limited to those who have a big financial investment in your interior design firm. No. We’re talking about a different kind of teamwork. There are a variety of brands out there whose business models do not necessarily include interior design services or products. These brands, on the other hand, have a sizable database of potential customers for your company.

To put this incredibly effective digital marketing plan into action,

To begin, you must first identify your target demographic.
Then, using analytics, determine the brands of items and services they frequently seek for.
Now, apply your imagination to match these brands to your interior design business.
You might be wondering how a brand that has nothing to do with interior design might help you grow your business….

Allow us to elaborate. Even while the brand isn’t directly linked with interior design, they do have a database of clientele who might need your help. That is why you must come up with a unique technique to blend in with the brand.

If your target market is single, independent women between the ages of 26 and 32, for example, you must understand what they find most appealing. After a long day at work, she most likely settles by the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book or magazine.

You wouldn’t have to go to all of these attempts of investigation if your ideal clients were reading an interior design magazine. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, you can work with magazines that cover premium brands and excellent wine to benefit from this situation.

This method entices new customers to pay attention. You can use the database of your partner companies to send out interior design firm newsletters, offer your latest design ideas, and so on. You’ve found a new market and converted them into paying clients.

For Sales, Use Subtle Conversational Cues

This is a more difficult type of internet marketing. You may have come across webinars, chatbots, live chats, and other tools that regularly remind you of the features of different small businesses. To inform and engage new clientele, they employ a discreet marketing strategy.

You can do this by hosting webinars to educate people about your company. You might also counsel them on the psychological effects of having a well-designed home. This is a technique for persuading people to spend money without making a hard sell. All you have to do is have a lighthearted discussion about the advantages of surrounded themselves with things they enjoy in order to make them happy.

Even if these strategies only work for 10–13% of the population, it’s still a significant amount of new clients that will bring in revenue to your small business.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

You may believe that email marketing has lost its effectiveness because the majority of marketing communications end up in spam folders. In actuality, a well-written email has a better chance of driving visitors to your company’s website. However, there are a few details to keep in mind when crafting these emails for best effectiveness:

Use a compelling subject line to entice readers to open your email.
Make sure your email’s preview text grabs their attention. You can utilise your curiosity to your advantage in this situation.
Make use of a person’s name, such as the name of the owner of your small business. Don’t use the name of your company. This gives the email a more personal touch.
Use content marketing techniques and include useful material in your emails. When we say “useful,” we now mean “bringing value to the life of the customer.” For example, consider how you might employ colour patterns to influence a client’s attitude and make them feel relaxed and cheerful.
Track the effectiveness of your emails once you’ve created the right one to captivate customers. Then, in your next email, adjust the settings of the information. This way, you can figure out which parts of your email marketing plan perform best for attracting new clients and base your work on best practises.

Set a budget for digital marketing

Take some time to identify your marketing budget before you rush out to implement your digital marketing ideas. To acquire an estimate of the expenditures, seek counsel from your mentors or speak with qualified industry professionals on LinkedIn. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the word out about your small business. Instead, you can create low-cost interior design marketing campaigns that span multiple digital channels.


So, as you can see, interior design digital marketing can genuinely help you grow your small business. At the absolute least, it will assist you in locating new customers in the most unusual of circumstances. Make the most of the technology era’s benefits to increase your revenue tenfold.

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