The Best Approach to Marketing Economics Branding for Every Personality Type 

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The Best Approach to Marketing Economics Branding for Every Personality Type

This article is a brief summary of views I learnt from the week 2 assignments on topic fundamentals of marketing. Shared my point on how marketing plays a role on today’s economics. Why personal branding s necessary for the future market. This article will be helpful for freelancers who are looking for a career in digital marketing.

What is definition for Marketing?

Process by which individuals or groups obtain what they need by creating and exchanging products that have value for others. In simple words “Marketing is the delivery of customer satisfaction at a profit.”

The reality, is that marketing sits at the intersection of the business and the customer. First we need to know our business and understand the customer need. Next when we can join the both ends to create that intersection where marketing comes into picture. Marketing cannot be achieved by creativity it is a science need to be understood first and learn how it works and do research to get the desired results.

Marketing is sending right message to the right person in right time. What is the use in it if you send the right message in wrong time to a person d’not needs it. Mostly due to these reasons marketing fails, if we d’not know how to rectify it, we can’t be successful in our business.

Fundamentals of Marketing

1. Marketing is to inform people what you do

The primary purpose of marketing is to get the word out about your business: who you are and what products or services you offer.

Creating brand awareness, help people understand your business in-depth, and keep loyal customers happy so they tell their friends and keep coming back for more.

2. It helps you get to know your target audience.

Marketing isn’t just for your customers’ eyes and ears. You can also gain valuable insight into which your target audience is (those who love you already).

Get to a place where you deeply understand their desires, needs, and problems. Figure out how you can reach them where they are and connect with them in meaningful ways.

Knowing your target audience well will help you improve all of your marketing efforts so you can avoid wasting your budget by getting in front of the wrong people (those who don’t care a little about you).

3. It helps your target audience get to know you.

Share your brand story with potential customers. Make it personal. Let them get to know who you are, why your business started in the first place, and what you believe. Making your business relatable will enable people to connect emotionally with your story.

People want to support businesses they believe in. So be authentic by sharing your personal, relatable story creatively. And you’ll soon build a lovely following of loyal supporters and evangelists.

4. It also helps you build trust.

Building trust with consumers, just like any relationship, takes time and effort. You need to prove that your small business is credible, ethical, moral, genuine, and socially responsible.

You don’t earn the “trustworthy” status on a whim. You have to be intentional when forming your marketing messages and communicating with people.

Consider implementing social responsibility practices, like ensuring your products are ethically sourced. Or adopt a noble social cause, such as giving a percentage of your revenue to charity. People will love you for it and choose to buy from you over competitors.

5. It helps you grow your business.

Building your reputation through effective marketing will naturally lead to growth and increased revenue for your business. If your offerings are as good as you describe them, you’ll build a loyal base of customers who will spread the word for you!

The components of the marketing are Sales, Advertisements, and Copy-writing. Marketing is not just selling; you need to know how effectively you use these components to generate profits or value.

Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing: Traditional marketing is the old way of marketing Technique. It refers kind of promotion, advertisement, includes flyers, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, print advertisements, newspaper ads, etc. in which companies are used in the early period to market their product.

The four phases of Traditional Marketing are Interest, Awareness, Desire, and Decision.

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is modern way of marketing Technique. In which we promoting, selling products and services by online platforms. It also refers to the Marketing of any kind of business through digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, youtube. Email, Blog, Webinar .etc.

The four phases of Digital Marketing are Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction.

Today traditional advertising is becoming costlier day by day. Companies have started to shift to digital marketing due to low cost and it is measurable.

Impact of communication skills

Communication is nothing but transferring your knowledge in a simple manner to others. In digital marketing there are various platforms and opportunities for you to create, develop and communicate your products and services easily. The communication done must transfer trust and value so the client’s gets the impact of your communication.

3 things to have best communication

1. Listening and understanding

2. Knowledge of the product

3. Language

How CATT marketing funnel works

Niche — Market Segment

Content Attention Trust Transaction

Meaning of Niche — It is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

To generate wealth through your business first find the Niche, we need to indentify the segment. For this first you need to have passion on what you do, secondly developing knowledge is a must thirdly, studying if there is any market for your talent and passion to identify the right niche

For Example: As a digital marketer as a professional I want specialize in Social media Marketer and Advertising.

I position myself in a particular segment I am passionate about. I can use an integration to be more effective.

Why I selected Social Media marketer and Advertising

I want provide to my customers a product which will position their presence, generate sales and increase the turnover.

Let me list other niche segment as below for your knowledge


Public Relations

Content Marketing

Podcast Marketing

Video Marketing

Email Marketing



Marketing Strategy


Web Analytics

Book & eBook Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Local SEO

Domain Research

E-Commerce Marketing

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Music Promotion

Web Traffic

Apart from this you can also select an industry like automobile specifically for car and be a freelancer or work for the company as a digital marketer. There are many scopes and many industry specifications.

Once the niche segment is selected then we need to concentrate on the quality of the content and then bringing attention to the content is the next step.

In the later stage when the client feels that the content is really useful and has value on it develops trust and further converts to transaction.

How to map the integrated digital marketing?

An integrated marketing strategy is a strategy that combines all of your marketing ideas on all segments like Email marketing, Social media, SEO, Paid Advertising, Google Ads.

Integrated digital marketing will improve your brand’s online visibility. And will improve brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience. It increases the online encounter of your clients and establishes your brand.

6 Benefits of Integrated Marketing

1. Consistent touch with your clients

2. Helps to grow authenticity & authority

3. Being seen every where

4. Affinity to your brand

5. Your Rate of Investment increases

6. Reduced costs

Integrated Marketing

How Marketing plays a role in economics?

Marketing plays a important function in the progress of an economy. It acts as a medium in the economic growth of a country and helps in raising the standards of living of the people. Development of a nation can be judged by the level of standard of living of its people. On this basis, an underdeveloped country may be stated to be one which is characterized by factors like poverty, scarcity of goods and services, prevalence of agriculture, etc.

Marketing can play a major role in the economic development of a nation. It can motivate people to undertake new activities and to set up enterprises for producing goods that are needed by the consumers. Marketing has acquired a vital place for the economic expansion of the whole country. It has also become a requirement for attaining the object of social welfare.

Role of Marketing in Economic Growth

– Marketing stimulates the aggregate demand thereby enlarges the size of market

– Delivery of standard of living to the society

– Decrease in distribution cost

– Increasing employment opportunities

– Protection against business slump

– Increase in national income

Marketing can help in overcoming obstacles posed by high prices due to imbalances in the levels of production and consumption. In other words, marketing can help in finding out right type of products and services that a firm should manufacture, the places where it should make such products obtainable for sale, the price at which the products should be sold and the channels that should be used for moving the products to the final place of expenditure or use. This connection between the business and expenditure centres, accelerates the economic movement leading to higher incomes, more expenditure and increased savings and investment.

What Is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands.

It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself.

It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want your followers to see. In addition you have to also be an example to do so.

It is telling of your story, and the impression people gain by your online reputation.

3 Personal Branding tips

1. Create content with a purpose

Creating content is not just what you like. You need to understand what others will be looking for. Your content should have solutions for others search

2. Be regular and consistent

It is not just creating content once in a while. You have take time in creating it and also need have some message in your content and are feeding those messages at frequent intervals so people will be engaged.

3. Find a unique selling proposition

The personal branding in turn is to build wealth from startup or company. So have to clear future goals and vision on creating a personal brand of you.

Why Is Creating A Personal Brand Important?

-You will meet like-minded people

-You will be able to build trust among the people you matter.

-You will create a value to your company as people will associate you with the product or service you provide.

Personal Branding Mass Blueprint

Mass Trust Blueprint

Learn: Learning is a continuous process in life. If you stop learning, then your growth ends. Learning new things is a big challenge in life for all. To be successful all have to take the challenge. My journey in the internship is just like that. I am doing all my best to face challenge you can also do it. Just keep trying.

Work: First we learn the next step is to apply our knowledge. If we dnot do this we will not know whether we have gained knowledge to face the mass.

Blog: This is the next tool to come out of our shell. Mostly everyone feels shy to express our views. The next obstacle is overcoming our fear in expressing in views. The idea of this step you will now come to know there are some audience for you to build your confidence. At the same time it is must you keep refining your blogs for best results.

Consult: The next level is you give consultation for others whom where in your stage previously. Once you give them consultation they will start gaining trust on you.

Mentor: This is next stage when are in a position to guide others. And you need have some responsibility too at this level. Here

My personal experiences in marketing:

I have been in travel industry for quite some time I believe in one to one marketing and sell niche products to niche customers. For example we organise tours for “women only” “senior citizens” “Kids only”. And I love to build a personal brand first so people identify me easily and associate with my brand. My whole career its been more on word of mouth marketing rather using other channels due to cost involved.

For example I have been subscribed in various clubs and fraternity having close affinity with the members have increased my clientele by word of mouth amoung members and their friends and also gathered my reputation in the market.

To learn more about digital marketing secrets click here

Final Findings

To sum with the above, before going for any startup or business remember your marketing should be for long term it is not an end. Have passion in doing things differently develop or brush up your talents or skills. Develop your communications skills you just need to read more books and write your thoughts in blogs. You need not be a pro for writing a blog and it not comes overnight. Practice daily and you will be able to make it one day.

Learning the economics you will know your market segment and find the niche market for your product. Use the funnel of the digital marketing Content, Attraction, Trust, and Transaction.

Writing a blog can be a start for your digital career. Have a thirst for the content you want to write. Soon you will be able to attract followers by your unique thoughts and views. Build a personal branding in parallel in your career path. Understand Mass Blueprint so you focus on them effectively.

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